AMI Conversion Courses

AMI Conversion Courses

Official State-approved Conversion in Israel

Here and now – join the thousands of AMI alumni who have realized their dream of converting to Judaism and being recognized as Jewish by the State of Israel and the Chief Rabbinate! AMI – your pathway to success!

AMI Conversion Courses

Official State-approved Conversion in Israel

Here and now – join the thousands of AMI alumni who have realized their dream of converting to Judaism and being recognized as Jewish by the State of Israel and the Chief Rabbinate! AMI – your pathway to success!

Official State-Approved Conversion - Not what you Thought!

Have you been considering conversion for a long time? Does the process of conversion sound daunting? And why should you do it through AMI?

AMI - your pathway to success!

State-Approved Conversion - Playing it Safe

When you think of conversion, you’re thinking of a home, a family, a true and clearly-defined personal identity. It is therefore important, before beginning a conversion class, to ensure that your journey will be properly recognized and validated. Quality conversion = a process in which the pathways and goals are clear from the start. A conversion following which you will be recognized by all as a Jew, and everyone will value the journey you have made.
Possible? Certainly! With AMI you can feel secure and confident that you are on the right track to Orthodox, quality conversion, recognized by the Chief Rabbinate, the State of Israel and Israeli society in general.

At the head of AMI stands Rabbi Chaim Druckman | Israel Prize Laureate for lifetime achievement in the area of conversion, and founder of the state conversion system in Israel.

So what can you do to play it safe? Join AMI's top quality conversion course!

Conversion tracks

State-approved conversion is here for you!

With AMI you can study through a variety of tracks suited to your location and availability

Countrywide distribution of classes

AMI Conversion has classes throughout the country, from Nahariya to Eilat. You're invited to join one of our classes close to home!

Personal Conversion

Unique to AMI Conversion - one-on-one studies at the time and location that you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about conversion? Would you like to start the conversion process but have doubts? Here are the questions that people always ask us… If you can’t find the answers you need, we’ll be happy to answer by phone!

We're here for you!

Official conversion (also known as “state conversion” or “recognized conversion”) is a conversion that the various authorities in the State of Israel – the Chief Rabbinate, the Ministry of Interior and others – recognize and approve. State conversion is an Orthodox conversion, performed only in the special conversion courts of the (Chief Rabbinate) State Conversion Department. The conversion courts are distributed nationwide. Conversions done through the State of Israel conversion courts are recognized worldwide, so you can be sure your conversion will really be accepted in Israel and abroad! AMI conversion – The leading official conversion courses in Israel.

Certainly, with AMI’s conversion course you will receive personal guidance every step of the way – in the class studies, on educational tours, at special activities and above all – at the meetings at the conversion court.
Personal guidance throughout the conversion process is of great importance. Often, conversion candidates are faced with dilemmas and concerns during the process, and the presence of a teacher offering guidance and support can change the experience entirely.

Orthdox conversion, as opposed to Reform or Conservative conversions, is the only type of conversion that is valid according to the Halacha – Jewish law. ‘Halacha’ is the law that guides a Jew through all the issues in life, and it gives clear guidelines also on the subject of conversion. Orthdox conversion demands commitment to all the rules of the Halacha, which means you can be sure that this conversion is 100% “kosher” and valid, and will be respected everywhere. For your peace of mind – join Israel’s official Orthodox conversion, through the AMI conversion course!

The official conversion process normally takes between 10-12 months, depending on the study track chosen, and the class and student’s individual progress.

It is important to note that the conversion process is individual. Generally, 10-12 months are the ideal period for completing the process; during that time, the candidate experiences all the Jewish festivals, and covers the academic and practical requirements of the course.

Our advice to our students is always – come relaxed, and committed to a truly enriching and meaningful process. It will make your pathway to success much easier!

Please note: according to the rabbinical court’s rules, candidates are obliged to complete a full course of study. In special cases, one may file a request for a shortened process.

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Throughout the course, the conversion candidate meets the conversion court a number of times:

The first meeting occurs two months after beginning the course. The purpose of the meeting is to open a conversion file.

The second meeting is with the Rabbinic court representative, and occurs after eight months of study. The purpose of the meeting is for the court representative to assess the candidate’s progress, and give advice concerning any problems which may have arisen during the process.

The final meeting occurs at the end of the course of study, with the Rabbinic court comprised of three Rabbinic judges. The purpose of the meeting is for the Rabbinic judges to examine and assess the meaningful process the candidate has been through, and receive the convert into the Nation of Israel.

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In the course of our work in AMI, we are often asked this kind of question. The basis for the question is the assumption that the court of conversion is against us, and trying to ‘give us a hard time’ so as to refuse us.

But the opposite is true – the conversion courts are here for you!

True, not all candidates pass first time, but that is not because of an interest in making difficulties, but a true and deep desire to ensure that the state conversion system will indeed be accepted in all circles of the Jewish people.
This approach has our best interests at heart, so that the next generation will respect the process we have been through.

So what will happen if you don’t pass? First of all, be optimistic that you will pass! 🙂

And even if you don’t pass the first time, please G-d the second time you will, after a suitable period of continued study and strengthening your commitment to the Torah and commandments.

Certainly. One can enter AMI’s classes at any point one reached through the Nativ courses – both the army and the civil course.

AMI’s uniqueness lies in the high percentage of success, service throughout the country and even private teachers in case a class doesn’t work out.

So we’re here for you!

AMI Conversion Classes

Would you like to enrol for the official state-approved conversion course? Wondering if the course suits you? Leave us your details and our experts will get back to you!

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